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First off, thank you for reaching out to me, means a lot, when people support the passion. I’ve included what I consider a summer suiting guide. I go over the main “essentials”, of things you should build towards having in your wardrobe. I did two versions for you, one being a PDF that you can take an access anywhere and the website version as well. Only the written blog, will have the added extra commentary. The one thing, I’m going to reiterate, over and over is fit. Fit is the most important factor to suiting and to how everything is to fit. I have examples from lower priced garments to higher priced, just to show you a range of what’s out there and to get you a little familiar possibly newer brands.  Thank you again, I hope this is helpful to you.

Current Analysis

After looking what you currently have, it seems like you have the basics covered. Would like to see you add one of the following that I’ll list below, which I would start with a nice lighter, heather grey color. I would choose something that’s a transitional weight to begin with that you can wear now in the summer and throughout the rest of the year as well. After we add the grey suit, then we can possibly explore the option of adding a more summer color like a tan suit or a green suit of sort. While adding these pieces, it would be good to grab a shirt, tie or pocket square every now and start to build up the collection.

Finding A Tailor

Finding a good tailor is the most important aspect of all this. Once you find one, he or she will help you get comfortable and make sure your “fit”, is right all of the time. Here are a few ones that I found that are close to you:

Saks Fifth Avenue (Yes, it’s a department store, however they do customer owned merchandise alterations for items that aren’t purchased at the store).

Saks Atlanta, 3440 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30326

Kam’s Alterations, 3300 Cobb Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA 30339

A&J Pro Alterations,  324 E Paces Ferry RD NE, Ste B, Atlanta, GA 30305


The Basics

To go with the fit, there’s a few important things you should know in regards in how things should fit or look, for the appropriate sartorial look. The tailor or alterations specialist usually will use a term called “break” referring to how the bottom of the pants low on top of your shoes. For the cleanest look, I would suggest “no break” or a little break as possible. It’s a much cleaner look and doesn’t allow for your pants to bunch up.

This first example, would be no break and with a cuff. A clean, classic sartorial look.



Here’s something that’s a little generic, but pretty accurate in how I feel in regards to fit.



Places to Shop

Suiting: Suit Supply, they probably have the best selection of age appropriate stylish suiting for the best deals.

Suiting Accessories: The Tie Bar

The Tie Bar, really has all your  suiting accessory needs. From now shirts, ties, tie bars and socks; they have it all for really affordable prices.

“Influencers to Follow”

Davidson Frère, an entrepreneur with a brand (Frère), of his own, with the similar sartorial style that you’re looking to achieve and he clothes some big names in the industry.


A good summer starter is the tan suit. The suit you can either get one that’s linen or a lighter cotton weight that will be breathable for the summer months. If your workplace or event allows or you seem appropriate, a classic clean sneaker could be a good touch in perfecting that look.

Suit Supply Tan Cotton Blend Suit $399

J Crew Tan Cotton Suit, Jacket $299


The good thing about retail “tanking” in a general sense, is that there’s incredible sales everywhere right now. Most summer goods are going on sale in the mid to late July, to make way for the newer fall goods. Perfect time, to catch some good deals on any summer suiting and blazers. Department stores usually have the biggest sales sometimes reduced merchandise up to 70% of retail prices. I’ve attached a few examples and you can click through to check them out.

After you get your tan or even grey suit, I would look at adding an olive suit or blazer to the collection.  Depending on the weight, an olive suit or blazer can be a good transitional piece from summer to fall.

Banana Republic Motion Olive Jacket  $138, Pants $55

Saks Fifth Avenue, Green Linen Suit $262

There’s some incredible deals rolling around right now on the olive looks.


The grey suit, which I might deem as the most important or next add into your collection, seeing that you have the basics covered. The good part about a gray suit is that it can pretty much operate just as versatile as a navy or black. You can wear almost any shirt, tie, shoe combination with it and it will look pretty well put together. For you, I would get something that’s a year round weight that would be good enough to wear to the event, work and in general.

Suit Supply, Light Grey Plaid Striped Suit 

J. Crew Double Breasted Grey Plaid Jacket

Saks Brand, Gray Linen Suit



After you’ve gotten a few other suits out of the way, I would look at getting a nice blue patterned or something with a little design. This could be either a plaid or a bold striped suit. If you’re not feeling that then a brighter royal suit can be a strong option for you too.

Hugo Boss Blue Suit  $399

Banana Republic Blue Suit $350